Dark mornings, dark nights, and how I cope


While fall and winter are my favorite seasons, it has been a difficult past few months. The leaves are dead and collecting on the ground. Summer clothes have been packed up and layering clothes have been pulled in to place. Boots have replaced sandals. I remembered to put the ice scraper in my back seat.

I am looking forward to the snow storms (possibly this weekend?!) with excitement. While the majority of the folk living in Traverse City are grumbling, I am ecstatic. I am looking forward to change, and chill, and christmas and cozy.

Even so, my mood still fluctuates from high to low during this dark time of the year. So here are some of my favorite things to do this time of year:

  • Hop in my (new-to-me) vehicle (I call her “Clarice”). Crank the music (See “Good Beets” for what I jive to). And go somewhere by yourself. My favorite places to go? (Im so glad you asked!):
    • A book store – what better time to peruse those aisles and find some moving literature.
    • The grocery store – at night. Fewer people, which gives you more time to explore all of those items you’ve always been curious about but haven’t had time to examine (ex: Rumchata creamer cups)
    • A body of water – I go to the bay, Lake Michigan, a pond. Sometimes just a big puddle in a pothole. Water is soothing. Try it.
    • A fancy beverage store – I don’t condone drinking your feelings (but hey, we’re all responsible adults here), but sometimes it can be very fun to find new beers, wines, liquors, etc. Go home. Experiment and relax. Just don’t drive after you’ve been drinking.
    • To a friend/families house – it’s most polite to call ahead. Company is healing. So is laughter. Maybe bring some of the above “beverage” to said friends house (just spitballing here?)
  • Start a new project. Things I like to dive into:
    • Paintings (oil, acrylic, watercolor) or just draw something.
    • Knitting and fiber arts. If you’re good at it, start a blog or an etsy. Or make cool thoughtful things for your friends 😉 (hint hint – make cozy items and send them to me 😉
    • Wood burning(?)
    • Start learning a new language. Im currently fluent in Swedish and a beginner in German, Polish, Russian, French, and ASL. Some might say that trying to learn so many new languages is flighty (I think its deliciously exciting).
    • Read books on your bucket list. Read the classics.Read National Geographic.
    • Write something. Start a novel or poem. Write a haiku (5-7-5). Start a blog. (Hint, hint).
    • Plan a Caper. More on this to come. There is no better way to get out the mania then to plan and enact a caper. Obviously don’t break the law (too much).
    • Start learning to play an instrument (I like guitar, bass, cello, piano, trumpet, saxophone, and flute).
  • Watch movies or shows that remind me of home. My picks:
    • Heavyweights
    • Girls (Hbo series)
    • Perks of Being a Wallflower
    • Freaks and Geeks (show)
    • Love Actually
    • Garden State
    • So many more I can’t even think of right now.
  • Take care of me. My self care focuses:
    • Putting whole and nourishing foods and drinks in my belly. I love fruits, cheese, veggies, whole grain pastas, and bacon (I was a vegetarian for 9 years, so its ok..) Cold press some juice, make a smoothie, bake some bread or delicious delights from scratch. Or order in your favorite takeout.
    • Work out. Whether its running/walking, hiking in nature, doing yoga, dancing, or just stretching. Exercise (generally) makes you feel better. I’m looking forward to snow shoeing, cross country skiing and snowboarding when the snow falls. And snowball throwing and fort building.
    • Drink water. Being dehydrated sucks!
    • Sleep. This is the hardest for me. I never want to sleep, but I know if I want to feel as close to “normal” as possible, I need to actually try to sleep.
    • Take care of my skin. Pamper yo self. Paint your nails. Wear that red lipstick that makes you feel like a vixen. Do your hair. 

For me, I have to keep doing things. I have to keep achieving and crossing things off lists. But listd can be fun. It doesn’t have to be all chores.

If you’re having a rough time, or just a ‘Blah’ time, and you are reading this now, I hope that you find something to do that can help you. It might not pull you up from the depths, but hopefully it might just make you smile a little bit and give you some hope.

Lets all for tonight kids,

Xoxo, Melissa



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