Adventure: Cross Village

Today was an adventure day for us. We drove from Traverse City to Cross Village, through the Tunnel of Trees, and out to Sturgeon Bay.

The sun was just coming out after a 24 hour winter storm and the beach was beautiful (yet terribly cold!) Today was a reminder that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get out and see new places and new things. Everyday can be an adventure.

Also, Krille is a great adventure partner.

Xoxo, Melissa

The sky was blue,

The wind was cold and whipping

But our hearts were warm.

— M. Morey RD


  1. It’s crazy how deceiving weather can be, there will be blue sunny skies yet it’ll be absolutely freezing out! Example A: the first picture you posted, it looks like it’d be a nice fall day out by the waters until you write how terribly cold it was lol nevertheless, still a great picture!!

    xo, JJ

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