Winter to Spring: update

Hello hello. Instead of spending the first paragraph apologizing I will jump right into the updates!

So what’s happened the last few weeks?

These things:

I found where they store the maniquins and was really weirded out at one of the facilities.

My lovely partner face apped some veneers on my face and we were both creeped out….

I ate some tasty noms!

We celebrated my lovely mother with a wine tasting and lunch out.

This weeping cherry seeped gorgeously on Mother’s day morning.

The handsome beast and I celebrated one year of being together 😉


we adventured out to Peterson Park to see how it looked in the springtime.

I made an owl pinata for Cinco de Mayo

I acquired a new “äventyr” tatoo and….

…I got a new bee tattoo.

Finals week came and …

… I passed both of my classes!

We checked out Townline Cider in Elk Rapids! 5 star cider!

More weaving!

I got experimental with fringe

I ended up in Spring Lake for a work assignment and ate a delicious BLT on the beach?!

We went to the Dallas Botanic Gardens, which were absolutely phenomenal!

Two Michiganders in Texas!

I survived 10 minutes in the hot Texas sun!

My hair was purplish and my smile was wide!

I finished quite a few weaves including this cutie. Up on sale on lilyloft

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