Hi, I’m Melissa. Here’s a bit about me:


My Resume:

B.S. in Dietetics from Central Michigan University

Registered Dietitian (RD) as of June 2013

Graduating December 2017 with M.S. in Nutrition from Central Michigan University

Worked as Clinicial Dietitan for Sodexo/Heartland Health Care

Currently work as a Long Term Care State Surveyor in MI

Owner and Creator of Lilyloft – handmade woven wall hangings and art (lilyloft )


-Fast typer

-Fresh Pasta Maker

-Caring about people

-Petting cats and kittens

-Planning mystery adventures

-Decorating cakes

-Remembering the little things

-writing and sending cards (yes, people still do that)

-Juggling 100 things at once (not literally)

Things I like:

-Roving/yarn/anything fibrous

-Moscow Mules (my favorite is the Mammoth Mule at Mammoth Distilling {Central Lake/Traverse City MI})

-Meeting new animals


-Adventures (see tattoo)


-Book Stores

-Sunday afternoons with family and loved ones

-My partner (Actually, I love him)

-Getting new tattoos in new places

+ so many other things


So, yah, that’s some real deep stuff about me.

Xoxo, Melissa